With over 20 years’ experience as a premier, Canadian, family owned manufacturer of baked goods, frozen dough and Mexican inspired products; we set the industry standard for quality.

Our products are crafted from the finest grains including hearty Canadian wheat to create our authentic tortillas, pizza dough and artisan flatbreads. Solis sources whole grain corn from the heart of North America’s cornfields to create our nacho chips, taco shells and corn tortillas.

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The industry gold standard for quality with #1 in category brand recognition.

Our traditional flour tortillas are pliable, have a clean bread taste and mouth feel, a good bake-out and great toast marks making them the perfect canvas for your creations!


Crafted from the finest quality corn. From the moment you open a bag of MexiCasa soft corn tortillas; you can smell the freshly baked corn aroma and taste the authentic old world Mexico recipe.

Consistently round, pliable and easy to handle perfect for tacos and fajitas.


We’re making fresh commitments in food production!

Solis believes in producing quality food products, using the finest fresh, local ingredients such as hearty wheat from Alberta.

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